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Q: What is a health coach?

A: A health and wellness coach supports clients to make sustainable and healthy lifestyle behavior changes.


Q: What is a client-centered approach?

A: Clients are in the driver's seat. The coach is a guide asking thought provoking questions for clients to engage in self-discovery, creating their own goals and the strategies to achieve them.


Q: Can a health coach provide medical advice?

A: No. Coaches do not diagnose, interpret medical data, prescribe, or provide nutrition, fitness, or psychological advice. Health coaches are behavior change specialists who take a holistic approach to empower clients to build the healthy life they envision.


Q: How can I benefit from health coaching?

A: Health coaching uses tools such as motivational interviewing and positive psychology. Studies show that people who incorporate healthy behavior changes on their own terms are far more likely to succeed than when someone else tells them what to do.

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